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Cloudvalley Digital Tech smashes full year 2023 EPS expectations with NT$2.70

TLDR: eCloudvalley Digital Technology reported strong full year earnings for 2023, with EPS of NT$2.70 (compared to NT$1.61 in 2022). Key financial results include revenue of NT$9.82b (up 14% from FY 2022) and net income of NT$183.9m (up 83% from FY 2022). eCloudvalley Digital Technology (TWSE:6689) has released its full year 2023 results, showcasing significant growth in key financial metrics.

What if? Then what? – Discover possibilities with Faith & Science

TLDR: Faith leaders and scientists recently met on the topic of genomics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Discussions centered around stem cells, theological attention to genetics, and the potential for further dialogue between faith leaders and scientists. More

TNO’s optical space tech: the future of commercial space exploration.

TLDR: TNO collaborates with FSO Instruments to commercialize optical space technology for satellite communication. This technology enables faster and more secure broadband connectivity through laser communication. Research institute TNO has partnered with FSO Instruments, a commercial company, to develop laser

Is Gorilla Technology Group Overleveraged on NASDAQ?

Article Summary TLDR: Gorilla Technology Group (NASDAQ:GRRR) has a net cash position of $34.1m, offsetting its debt. The company’s balance sheet appears strong, with more liquid assets than total liabilities. Legendary fund manager Li Lu once stated that the biggest

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ABAT short interest drops 8.1% in February on NASDAQ.

American Battery Technology Short Interest Down 8.1% in February TLDR: American Battery Technology (NASDAQ:ABAT) short interest decreased by 8.1% in February. Institutional trading of American Battery Technology saw various investors acquiring new positions in the company. American Battery Technology (NASDAQ:ABAT) experienced a significant drop in short interest in February. The total short interest was 3,990,000 shares, representing an 8.1% decrease from the previous month. This amounts to 7.9% of the company’s stock being sold short. Institutional investors and hedge funds have been actively involved
3 months ago

China’s tech prowess drives progress on Belt and Road Initiative.

TLDR: China is shifting towards prioritizing technical expertise exchanges over infrastructure-dominated projects in the Belt and Road Initiative. This shift aims to boost ties, polish China’s global image, and cultivate new markets for Chinese companies. China’s technical expertise is increasingly being shared through the Belt and Road Initiative, with a focus on areas such as agriculture, transport, renewable energy, and healthcare. This shift away from infrastructure-heavy projects towards knowledge and expertise transfers is seen as a safer way to extend the Belt and Road,
3 months ago

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