Today: Jul 22, 2024

Verkor partners with Hana Technology for battery production equipment.

4 months ago


  • French battery firm Verkor has chosen Hana Technology as a new equipment supplier.
  • Hana Technology will be providing equipment for the stacking process in battery production.

French battery company Verkor has selected Hana Technology, a major battery equipment supplier, as a new customer. The South Korean equipment maker has previously worked with Automotive Cell Company, making Verkor their second French client. Verkor, a joint venture between Stellantis, Saft, Renault, and Schneider Electric, will be using Hana Technology’s equipment for the stacking process in battery production. This deal is worth over 20 billion won and marks a significant win for Hana Technology, as they have mainly supplied other equipment besides stacking equipment in the past. The partnership with Verkor comes at a critical time for Hana Technology, as one of their potential customers, Britishvolt, is facing financial difficulties. Last year, Hana Technology recorded 119.9 billion won in revenue with an operating loss of 6.3 billion won, signaling the importance of securing new clients like Verkor. This collaboration highlights the growing demand for battery production equipment and the competitive landscape in the industry.