Today: Apr 17, 2024

ABAT short interest drops 8.1% in February on NASDAQ.

1 month ago

American Battery Technology Short Interest Down 8.1% in February


  • American Battery Technology (NASDAQ:ABAT) short interest decreased by 8.1% in February.
  • Institutional trading of American Battery Technology saw various investors acquiring new positions in the company.

American Battery Technology (NASDAQ:ABAT) experienced a significant drop in short interest in February. The total short interest was 3,990,000 shares, representing an 8.1% decrease from the previous month. This amounts to 7.9% of the company’s stock being sold short. Institutional investors and hedge funds have been actively involved in trading American Battery Technology, with several acquiring new positions in the company. For example, Fortis Capital Management LLC, Commonwealth Equity Services LLC, and Townsquare Capital LLC all purchased new positions in American Battery Technology in recent quarters.

American Battery Technology currently has a one year low of $1.70 and a high of $18.00. The stock opened at $2.01 on Friday and has a 50-day moving average price of $2.55. The company’s recent earnings report showed an EPS of ($0.19) for the quarter, highlighting potential challenges in the battery materials sector. American Battery Technology focuses on battery metals exploration and technology development for extraction and recycling processes related to lithium-ion batteries.