Today: Jun 14, 2024

TNO’s optical space tech: the future of commercial space exploration.

3 months ago


  • TNO collaborates with FSO Instruments to commercialize optical space technology for satellite communication.
  • This technology enables faster and more secure broadband connectivity through laser communication.

Research institute TNO has partnered with FSO Instruments, a commercial company, to develop laser communication technology for TNO satellites into commercial products. The collaboration, with a term of twenty years, grants FSO Instruments the worldwide rights to industrialize and commercialize TNO’s optical technology. This technology allows for faster and more secure broadband connectivity compared to current radio frequencies. By entering this agreement, the Netherlands and Europe aim to strengthen their position in the global market. TNO has been developing optical instruments for space use for decades, primarily for astronomy and Earth observation. With the increasing demand for high-speed data transmission, laser communication technology is becoming more prevalent. FSO Instruments, a collaboration between Demcon and VDL Groep, is focused on developing and supplying high-quality instruments for laser satellite communications. This technology enables the transmission of data hundreds to thousands of times faster than traditional radio frequencies, connecting ground stations, satellites, aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.