Today: Apr 23, 2024

China’s tech prowess drives progress on Belt and Road Initiative.

1 month ago


  • China is shifting towards prioritizing technical expertise exchanges over infrastructure-dominated projects in the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • This shift aims to boost ties, polish China’s global image, and cultivate new markets for Chinese companies.

China’s technical expertise is increasingly being shared through the Belt and Road Initiative, with a focus on areas such as agriculture, transport, renewable energy, and healthcare. This shift away from infrastructure-heavy projects towards knowledge and expertise transfers is seen as a safer way to extend the Belt and Road, reducing financial risks and environmental concerns. The move towards more value-added exports also aims to showcase China’s advanced capabilities and improve its global reputation.

Chinese experts have been working in various countries, particularly in Africa, to enhance agricultural practices, improve healthcare services, develop renewable energy solutions, and implement urban planning and transportation systems. These partnerships often involve technology transfers and capacity-building initiatives, aimed at fostering sustainable development and mutual benefit.

While this shift towards technical expertise sharing is expected to increase in the future, concerns have been raised about the risks of getting stuck in developing countries and the potential criticisms from the West. China’s approach to introducing expertise through the Belt and Road Initiative reflects its evolving economic priorities and global engagement strategies.