Today: Jul 20, 2024

Trina Solar unveils ownership of TOPCon technology patents.

4 months ago


  • Trina Solar holds ownership of over 2000 patents, including TOPCon technology.
  • TOPCon technology allows for high-efficiency solar module manufacturing.

Trina Solar, a leading solar solutions provider, has revealed its ownership of essential technologies like TOPCon, PERC, and Heterojunction through over 2000 patents. Among these, the N-type TOPCon technology plays a significant role in solar module production, enabling Trina to maintain its market leadership in delivering high-efficiency TOPCon products. Trina’s patents cover both the process and structure of vital core TOPCon technology, setting the standards for industry progress and facilitating power output exceeding 700W and efficiency surpassing 25%.

President Steven Zhu emphasized the importance of safeguarding Trina’s intellectual property and encouraged customers to consider IP ownership when making solar module procurement decisions. Trina Solar’s commitment to innovation and industry-leading technology positions them as the preferred choice for solar developers, EPCs, and installers seeking effective solutions. This announcement reinforces Trina Solar’s dedication to advancing solar technology and fostering a sustainable future.