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Your primer to 2023’s tech industry job cuts.

7 months ago

TechCrunch, being a part of the Yahoo family of brands, makes use of cookies in its operations. These cookies, including similar tech like web storage, facilitate website and app operators to store and access information from your device.

  • TechCrunch employs these cookies to deliver the sites and apps, authenticate users, enforce safety measures, counteract spam and abuse, and keep tabs on your usage of the sites and apps.
  • If ‘Accept all’ is selected, TechCrunch and its partners also leverage cookies and personal data (IP address, exact location, browsing and search data) to exhibit personalized ads and content, gauge the efficacy of personalized ads and content, and to better their products and services.
  • For users who do not wish for TechCrunch and its partners to use cookies and personal data for these additional purposes, they can select ‘Reject all’.
  • Users also have the choice to customize settings by clicking on ‘Manage privacy settings’. Changes can be done anytime through ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links accessible on the sites and apps.

TechCrunch’s full policy on the use of personal data is documented in their privacy policy and cookie policy.