Today: Jun 14, 2024

Yeehaw! Cowboy Innovation Accelerator boosts startup commercialization expertise.

6 months ago

The Innovation Foundation at Oklahoma State University has launched the Cowboy Innovation Accelerator in an effort to enhance its startup commercialization services and extend them to northeast Oklahoma. Previously, these resources had been exclusively available to OSU technologies, but with the launch of the Cowboy Innovation Accelerator, innovators and small businesses aligned with OSU’s expertise in energy, aerospace, advanced mobility, and One Health will also have access to these resources. The Cowboy Innovation Accelerator aims to support innovation-based, proof-of-concept technologies that can be developed into venture-backable startup companies or licensable technologies. The accelerator’s services include business model development, education workshops and networking events, mentoring and advising, startup formation and business operations assistance, commercial grant funding assistance, and connecting innovators with OSU applied research expertise.

The Cowboy Innovation Accelerator is part of The Innovation Foundation’s expansion into northeast Oklahoma, which was made possible through the Economic Development Agency’s University Center’s grant. This initiative demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to fostering innovation-based commercialization in the state of Oklahoma and supporting OSU’s land-grant mission to make a positive impact through successful startup companies. The Innovation Foundation has previously formed over 20 companies and helped them secure over $15 million in commercial grants and investments.

Technology innovators and small businesses in the energy, aerospace, and advanced mobility, and One Health sectors who are interested in the Cowboy Innovation Accelerator can apply to be a part of the initial rolling cohort starting in early 2024.

Click here to learn more and apply to the Cowboy Innovation Accelerator.