Today: Jul 20, 2024

Windows 11: AI Super Resolution Tech Boosts All PCs with NPUs

5 months ago


– Microsoft is developing its own AI Super Resolution technology for Windows 11 24H2.
– The technology will work across all PCs with enough AI NPU performance.

Microsoft is reportedly working on its own AI-powered Super Resolution technology, which will be included in the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update. The technology, known as Automatic Super Resolution, will use AI to enhance the details and smoothness of supported games. Users will be able to enable the AI Super Resolution technology within the graphics settings panel on Windows 11 24H2, and they can also set the graphics preferences on a per-game basis. The inclusion of AI in this technology means that it is expected to be superior to traditional super-resolution methods.

AI-powered upscaling techniques, such as DLSS and XeSS, have become popular in the gaming industry. However, these techniques require AI-enabled hardware. With the rise in demand for AI TOPS in Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft’s AI NPUs will play a crucial role in achieving higher performance and quality when using the Auto SR tech. Both AMD and Intel offer similar AI NPU TOPS with their latest chips and are expected to provide significant performance improvements in the future.

For gamers with older hardware that lacks upscaling support, Microsoft’s AI Super Resolution technology could be a significant advantage. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s AI upscaling tech compares to the competition. Overall, this development highlights the increasing importance of AI in improving gaming experiences and performance.