Today: Apr 17, 2024

#Wholesome2023: Goodfellows, Pioneering Elderly Support, Beating Loneliness Together!

4 months ago

Key Points:

  • A startup called Goodfellows is working to help elderly individuals in India combat loneliness.
  • Over 15 million elderly people in India currently live alone.
  • The Goodfellows team consists of young, empathetic individuals who spend time with the elderly, providing companionship and assistance with daily tasks.
  • Goodfellows companions are vetted for empathy and undergo background verification checks.
  • The startup aims to create a space where elderly individuals feel comfortable, listened to, and cared for.

In India, the shift from joint families to nuclear families has left many elderly individuals living alone. Goodfellows, a startup founded by Shantanu Naidu in 2023, is working to combat this isolation by providing companionship and support to these seniors.

The team at Goodfellows consists of young, educated graduates who have been carefully selected for their empathy and undergo psychometric tests and background verification checks. These individuals spend time with elderly individuals, engaging in activities such as chatting, sharing stories, playing games, or watching TV.

Additionally, Goodfellows assist the elderly in becoming more tech-savvy, offering guidance on smartphones, gadgets, social media, and online deliveries. They also provide practical support by helping with daily tasks like shopping for supplies or medicines and going for walks in the park.

For those interested in receiving a Goodfellow companion, they can sign up for a free trial option. Within 48 hours, the individual will be matched with a companion based on their interests, background, and comfort. The first month with a Goodfellow is entirely free, and after that, a paid subscription can be continued.

By providing companionship and support to elderly individuals, Goodfellows is working towards helping them combat loneliness and improving their overall well-being. With over 15 million elderly people in India living alone, initiatives like this are crucial in ensuring that they are not forgotten or left isolated.