Today: Jul 20, 2024

Whirlpool’s tech fixes major fridge issue: A lot of work needed.

4 months ago

Whirlpool’s New Technology Promises to Fix Refrigerator Issues


– Whirlpool is developing new technology to make refrigerators more sustainable.
– Current recycling methods for refrigerators are challenging due to polyurethane foam insulation.

Article Summary:

Whirlpool Corporation is addressing one of the major issues with refrigerators – the difficulty of recycling due to polyurethane foam insulation. The foam used in refrigerators poses significant challenges when separating and disposing of the materials, leading to 1.3 million tons of foam going to landfills each year. Whirlpool is working on a new, more sustainable material that is highly insulated and less harmful to the environment. This innovation could significantly impact the way refrigerators are made and recycled, ultimately benefiting the environment by reducing pollutants and conserving energy.