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Weekly Euro startup funding round-up! Check out all the latest investments! (Dec 18-22)

4 months ago

Key Points:

  • All European startup funding rounds from December 18-22 have been tracked.
  • The weekly funding round-up includes startups from France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the UK.

In the week of December 18-22, several European startups secured funding rounds across various industries. Here are some of the notable funding rounds:


One French startup, Lyon-based Axeleo Capital, closed a second €73 million fund dedicated to next-gen B2B startups. The fund aims to support the growth and development of these startups.


Stockholm and London-based Oxx closed a €172 million second fund generation. The fund is focused on powering the growth of European SaaS scaleups.


Helsinki-based Failup Ventures closed the first €30 million of its new fund. The fund will provide backing for early-stage mission-driven teams.


Yellow, a VC founded by the founders of Glovo, launched a €30 million European-focused pre-seed fund. The fund aims to support and invest in early-stage startups across Europe.


Dutch startup Bubty secured a €1.75 million seed funding round. The funding will be used to lead the evolution of the freelance workforce industry.

These funding rounds highlight the diverse range of startups receiving funding in Europe, from B2B startups in Lyon to SaaS scaleups in Stockholm and London. The funding will support the growth and development of these startups, allowing them to bring their innovative solutions to market.

Overall, this weekly funding round-up showcases the vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem in Europe, with startups from various countries securing funding for their expansion and development. The funding rounds also demonstrate the confidence and interest of investors in European startups, highlighting the potential for growth and success in the region.