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Voye homes: escapades beyond the bustling thrones

6 months ago


– Voye Homes, a startup based in Kerala, India, helps travelers book safe and scenic private holiday homes in tourist hotspots across South India.
– The company has seen significant growth, with a turnover of Rs 18.90 crore in 2023, up from Rs 12 lakh in 2019.
– Voye Homes differentiates itself with its use of technology, integrating all inventories and sales channels with a central inventory management system.

Kerala-based startup Voye Homes is making a name for itself by offering travelers the opportunity to book safe and scenic private holiday homes in popular tourist destinations across South India. The startup has seen impressive growth since its inception in 2019, with a turnover of Rs 18.90 crore in 2023.

Founder Vinod Balan, a former senior business analyst, started Voye Homes out of his personal interest in staying at less-crowded private spaces during vacations. The company initially partnered with a property in Munroe Island in Kollam, but has since expanded its offerings to include over 70 properties in tourist hotspots such as Ooty, Wayanad, Wagamon, Kochi, Kovalam, and Varkala.

One of the factors that sets Voye Homes apart is its use of technology. The company has developed its own central inventory management system, which integrates all inventories and sales channels, both online and offline. This system allows for efficient sales optimization and reservation management, making it easier for travelers to book their desired vacation homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially had a negative impact on Voye Homes, but the startup saw a rebound as people started to prioritize safer private spaces for their vacations. The company has also partnered with notable organizations and individuals, including the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations in Munnar, to add unique and charming properties to its list.

With a team of over 50 staff in its offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode, Voye Homes continues to grow and meet the rising demand for private vacation homes. The company has not yet sought external investments, but plans to do so once it becomes an investable company.

Overall, Voye Homes’ success highlights the growing trend of travelers seeking private and secluded accommodations for their vacations. The startup’s use of technology and strategic partnerships have allowed it to carve out a niche in the competitive tourism industry in Kerala.