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Verdane fuels Meltwater media startup with a hefty $65M investment.

6 months ago

TechCrunch, a part of the Yahoo family of brands, has provided an overview of how the company and its partners use cookies and personal data (such as IP addresses and browsing data) to run sites and apps, apply security measures, and display personalised content and ads. The cookie utilisation also facilitates measurement of site and app usage and ad effectiveness.

  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands and operates several sites and apps including Yahoo and AOL.
  • The company utilises ‘Cookies’ and similar technologies to store and read information from users’ devices. This is done to provide and maintain their sites and apps, authenticate users, institute security measures and to prevent spam and abuse.
  • Upon user consent via accepting ‘Accept All’, TechCrunch and its partners further use cookies and personal data to personalise ads and content, measure their effectiveness, and to improve their products and services.
  • Users have the option to reject all or customize their choices regarding the use of cookies and personal data. They can do so by clicking on ‘Reject All’ or ‘Manage privacy settings’ respectively.
  • Users can change their choices at any time by clicking on ‘Privacy & Cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy Dashboard’ links.

TechCrunch’s approach to privacy provides transparency to users about how their personal data is being used. They offer users control by providing an option to manage privacy settings or completely reject the use of cookies and personal data. This highlights the company’s commitment to prioritising user privacy and ensuring secure usage of their sites and apps.

Additionally, TechCrunch’s transparency about their privacy policy and cookie usage allows users to make informed decisions about their comfort level and willingness to share personal data for a personalised web experience.