Today: Apr 16, 2024

US Justice Department appoints first AI officer to tackle tech challenges.

2 months ago


  • The US Justice Department has named its first AI officer, Jonathan Mayer, to address the challenges of AI in law enforcement.
  • Mayer will advise on integrating AI into investigations, criminal prosecutions, and ethical considerations.

The U.S. Justice Department has appointed Jonathan Mayer, a professor at Princeton University, as its first-ever chief science and technology adviser and chief AI officer to address the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on federal law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Mayer will provide guidance on how to responsibly incorporate AI into department activities and investigations while upholding the rule of law and protecting civil rights. The Justice Department has already utilized AI in various ways, such as tracking illegal drug sources and analyzing FBI tips.

However, U.S. officials are cautious about the dangers of unregulated AI technology, such as amplifying biases and enabling cybercriminals. Mayer will lead a new board of experts to advise the Justice Department on AI ethics and efficacy, as well as recruit additional technological experts to the department. This move reflects the government’s recognition of the dual nature of AI as a powerful tool with potential risks and benefits that require careful regulation and ethical oversight.