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TLDR: MSN to replace journalists with AI algorithms for news curation

Microsoft has announced that it will be terminating its contract with human journalists in favor of using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to curate news on its MSN website. The tech giant currently employs around 50 contract journalists to select news stories for the website in various regions. However, Microsoft believes that AI algorithms will be more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Microsoft will replace human journalists with AI algorithms on its MSN website
  • The decision is expected to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Microsoft’s AI news curation system will work by generating news articles from publications and then using AI to select headlines and images to feature on Although AI will curate the content, editors will still have control over which topics to cover and which sources to include. These AI algorithms are already being used by companies like Google and Facebook to curate news on their platforms.

While this shift to AI may increase the speed and cost-effectiveness of news curation, it also raises concerns about the quality and bias of the curated content. AI systems can inadvertently promote fake news, misinformation, or prioritize certain viewpoints, leading to a lack of diversity and accurate representation of different perspectives.

With the termination of human journalists, it is expected that there will be a greater reliance on third-party publishers, leading to a decrease in original reporting. Additionally, the move has brought attention to the precarious nature of contract work in journalism, as these journalists are being let go without severance pay or continued healthcare benefits.

On the other hand, proponents argue that AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data more quickly than human journalists, enabling the curation of news from a broader range of sources. Furthermore, the use of AI in news curation can augment human efforts by identifying trends and patterns that may have been overlooked.

Ultimately, Microsoft’s decision sets a precedent for the increasing role of AI in news curation and highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the impact of technology on journalism. The ethical implications of relying solely on algorithms for news curation must be carefully considered to ensure the delivery of accurate, diverse, and unbiased news to the public.