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Trimble Technology Lab: bridging heritage and future for Purdue Polytechnic.

2 months ago

Trimble Technology Lab Article Summary


  • Trimble Technology Lab dedicated at Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  • Lab aims to bring Trimble’s advanced tools to students in the built environment

The Trimble Technology Lab was recently dedicated at Purdue Polytechnic Institute, marking a significant partnership between the university and Trimble Inc., a global technology company. The lab, located in Dudley Hall, aims to provide students with access to Trimble’s innovative hardware and software to enhance their learning in construction management technology. The lab was praised for its ideal location on campus, surrounded by talented students and faculty who can benefit from the advanced tools provided by Trimble.

The lab is designed to support student work as well as high-level research, with the potential for individual projects and large-scale collaborations. Senior capstone demonstrations, like Sally Jones’ use of Trimble software to display a 3D bridge blueprint, showcased the practical applications of the lab’s resources. Faculty member Kyubyung Kang also highlighted the lab’s potential for larger projects, such as scanning the entire Purdue campus with Trimble laser scanning products.

Purdue Polytechnic’s dean, Daniel Castro, emphasized the significance of Trimble’s partnership with the university, noting the company’s evolution over the years and its impact on the construction industry. Trimble’s education program leader, Mike Engh, highlighted the importance of partnerships with proactive faculty members like Nicholas Dib, who played a key role in establishing the Trimble partnership at Purdue.