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“Transform your iPhone into a vintage BlackBerry for $139!”

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  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands.
  • Cookies are used to provide sites and apps, authenticate users, prevent abuse, and measure usage.
  • By accepting cookies, personalized ads and content may be displayed based on interest profiles.
  • Users can manage their privacy settings and change their choices at any time.

TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, utilizes cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience on their sites and apps. These technologies allow the storage and retrieval of information from the user’s device.

The main purposes of these cookies are to provide the sites and apps to the users, authenticate users for security purposes, and prevent spam and abuse. Additionally, the usage of these cookies is also utilized to measure the user’s interaction and usage of the sites and apps.

If the user clicks “Accept all,” TechCrunch and their partners, including those within the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, will use cookies and personal data such as IP address, precise location, browsing history, and search data to display personalized ads and content. The effectiveness of these personalized ads and content will also be measured, and the data will be used to improve their products and services.

However, if the user prefers not to have cookies and personal data used for these additional purposes, they can click “Reject all.” This will prevent the display of personalized ads and content, as well as the usage of personal data for measuring their effectiveness. If the user wants to customize their choices, they can click “Manage privacy settings.”

To ensure transparency and user control, TechCrunch allows users to change their privacy settings and choices at any time. This can be done by accessing the “Privacy & cookie settings” or “Privacy dashboard” links on their sites and apps.

For further details on the usage of personal data, users can refer to TechCrunch’s privacy policy and cookie policy. These policies outline how personal data is handled and provide additional information on how cookies are used to enhance the user experience.

In summary, by being part of the Yahoo family of brands, TechCrunch utilizes cookies and personal data to provide an enhanced user experience, including personalized ads and content. However, user control and privacy settings are prioritized, allowing users to manage their preferences and choices at any time.