Today: Jun 14, 2024

Top 3D startups revolutionizing 2023!

6 months ago

3Dnatives has compiled a list of the most innovative 3D startups in 2023. Some of these companies include: PPOOLP, Spherecube, Axtra3D, Diabatix, Gastronology, 3D Spark, ONEBra, HETEROMERGE, Carcinotech, Balena, BIO INX, and Craft Health.

POOLP, a French startup, has developed an urban microfactory that transforms local plastic waste into material for additive manufacturing.

Spherecube, an Italian startup, has created a laser thermal curing system for 3D printing composites, targeting the aerospace, biomedical, sports, and marine industries.

Axtra3D, an American startup, has developed Hybrid PhotoSynthesis technology that combines SLA and DLP methods to achieve high-resolution printing in a faster process.

Diabatix, a Belgian startup, has created a platform called ColdStream that uses generative design tools to provide better cooling of 3D printed parts.

Gastronology, a Dutch startup, uses 3D food printing to make swallowing easier for patients with dysphagia, a medical condition that causes difficulty swallowing.

3D Spark, a German startup, offers a platform that allows companies to evaluate 3D printed parts and identify the optimal development process for their products.

ONEBra, an Italian startup, creates custom 3D printed bra cups for women who have undergone mastectomies, improving their self-image and quality of life.