Today: Jul 22, 2024

The Helsinki Heatwave of Startups

7 months ago

In 2022, Finnish startups raised a record €1.8 billion ($1.9 billion) in investment, and Helsinki is at the forefront of this growth. Known for its welcoming business environment, Helsinki makes it easy for startups to connect with investors, clients, and the local ecosystem. The city has a diverse startup sector and has seen rapid growth in recent years.

The hottest startups in Helsinki:

  • Veri: Veri is a metabolic health startup that has developed a wearable sensor to monitor blood sugar levels. The sensor connects to an app and provides personalized nutrition recommendations based on the user’s metabolic profile. Veri has raised €11 million in funding to date.
  • CurifyLabs: CurifyLabs is a 3D printing startup that focuses on drug manufacturing. It has developed a 3D printer that can manufacture drugs from a special paste made of pharmaceutical ingredients. The startup has raised €3.1 million in funding, including €2.5 million from the European Innovation Council Accelerator.
  • Quanscient: Quanscient uses quantum computing to make industrial simulations more powerful. Its simulations are 100 times faster and more than 100 times more complex than traditional simulations, leading to more accurate outcomes. The startup raised €3.9 million in funding from Finnish venture capital fund
  • Onego Bio: Onego Bio produces egg-white substitutes using precision fermentation. The company’s technology allows it to produce proteins that are bio-identical to those found in eggs, but with 90% fewer resources. Onego Bio raised €14.5 million in funding in 2022.
  • Flowrite: Flowrite is an AI-powered writing assistant that can turn short phrases into fully-formed emails. The startup raised $5 million in funding and recently rolled out a chat-based user interface that can understand more than 20 languages.
  • 100 Thousand Million: 100 Thousand Million aims to build sustainable cities and is planning its first sustainable space, Earth City, in Chile. The company has secured $750K in funding from Oregon-based AriaTouch.
  • IQM: IQM builds high-performance quantum computers and has raised more than €200 million since it was spun out of Aalto University in 2018. The startup has 250 employees located in offices around the world.
  • Rens Original: Rens Original makes sneakers using coffee grounds and recycled plastic. Each pair of shoes is made from 21 cups of coffee grounds and six recycled plastic bottles. The startup has sold over 40,000 pairs to date.
  • Huuva: Huuva is a food delivery startup that works with restaurants to set up shared kitchens, bringing more delivery options to suburban areas. The company has launched 12 shared kitchens and raised €6 million in funding.
  • Twice Commerce: Twice Commerce provides ecommerce platforms with the infrastructure they need to introduce rental, subscription, and buyback and resell features. The startup has attracted €8 million in funding to date.

Helsinki’s thriving startup scene and success in attracting investment demonstrate the city’s potential as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With a supportive ecosystem and a diverse range of startups, Helsinki is poised for continued growth in the coming years.