Today: Jun 14, 2024

Technology revolutionizes Berks emergency calls with Next Generation 911.

4 months ago


  • Next Generation 911 technology has transformed emergency calls in Berks County
  • The system allows for digital, internet protocol-based calls that offer more flexibility

Officials at the Berks County 911 center have implemented Next Generation 911 technology, leading to significant changes in how emergency calls are handled. This digital, internet protocol-based system replaces analog infrastructure, providing more flexibility and efficiency. Brian Gottschall, director of the Berks County Department of Emergency Services, highlighted the seamless transition for users, who should not notice any difference in making 911 calls.

Gottschall emphasized the benefits of the new technology, allowing calls to look more like computer traffic and enabling easier movement of calls to different public safety answering points. This infrastructure upgrade has been in progress for over a decade in Berks County, starting with the introduction of emergency calls and texts from smartphones.

The improved technology also provides fiber interconnectivity to other emergency services in the region, facilitating the implementation of additional services. While the possibility of accessing photos and videos during emergency calls is on the horizon, decisions need to be made about when and how to incorporate these capabilities into the center.

Overall, Next Generation 911 has revolutionized emergency call systems in Berks County, offering a more efficient, flexible, and modern approach to handling emergency situations.