Today: Jul 22, 2024

Taylor Swift searches limited on X after explicit AI images go viral.

6 months ago

Summary Article


  • Sexually explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift went viral on X (formerly Twitter).
  • Searches for Taylor Swift on X produced an error message, but posts mentioning her name with quotation marks still appeared.

Just days after sexually explicit artificial intelligence (AI) images of Taylor Swift went viral on X, searches for her name on the platform formerly known as Twitter no longer produce results. As of Monday morning, all searches for Taylor Swift yield a message that reads, “Something went wrong. Try reloading.” However, putting quotation marks around her name allows posts to appear that mention her name. The search error comes after a slew of sexually explicit deepfake images of Swift made the rounds on the social media site, angering fans and highlighting harmful implications of the technology.

X’s head of business operations, Joe Benarroch, stated that the move to limit searches was a “temporary action” to prioritize user safety. The platform also released a statement emphasizing their zero-tolerance policy towards non-consensual nudity images. Swift has not publicly commented on the images.

The article highlights the increasing prevalence of AI-generated images and videos of celebrities online, raising concerns about privacy and consent. Deepfake AI images, created through machine-learning techniques, can be manipulated without the subject’s consent. These techniques have also been used to create fake celebrity endorsements. Fake images, including manipulated photos of former President Donald Trump, have circulated on social media in recent years. While it is currently possible to identify AI-generated images, experts predict that it will become increasingly difficult to differentiate between real and generated images in the future.

Overall, the article highlights the controversy surrounding the circulation of sexually explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift on X and the implications of deepfake technology for privacy and consent. It emphasizes the need for platforms to take measures to prevent the dissemination of non-consensual nudity images.