Today: Jul 20, 2024

Swedish startup’s zinc-ion batteries power up mega-factory with fresh funds.

7 months ago

Enerpoly, a Swedish start-up specialising in zinc-ion battery storage systems, has received an $8.4 million three-year grant from the Swedish Energy Agency to develop a battery production facility. The factory will be the world’s first to manufacture zinc-ion batteries, a technology patented by Enerpoly. The start-up has previously secured $13.8 million in investment and is looking to raise additional capital through a Series A funding round.

  • The plant is planned to be operational by 2026, and aims to produce 100 MWh per year.
  • The funding will be used for tasks including developing automated manufacturing systems, improving energy efficiency in cell production and enhancing productivity and safety measures within the plant.
  • Enerpoly’s technology uses cost-effective and readily available materials, such as zinc which can be sourced in Sweden and other parts of Europe.
  • The modular battery technology is suited for medium to long duration applications for stationary energy storage with two- to 10-hour discharge durations and is non-flammable and non-explosive, making it suitable for use in urban areas and within critical infrastructure.
  • In collaboration with Austrian start-up EET, Enerpoly plans to develop prototypes of a residential plug-in storage system with rechargeable zinc batteries, as part of a project funded by the EU.

Founded in 2017, Enerpoly focuses on producing high-quality, scalable zinc-ion batteries utilising cost-effective materials and processes. Their proprietary technology uses zinc metal as the anode and manganese dioxide as the cathode, with a water-based electrolyte. The batteries are constructed in a prismatic form factor. The company’s vision is to demonstrate that mass-producing zinc-ion batteries at scale can be both affordable and profitable, yielding attractive returns for investors.

The start-up’s current production output is 100 kWh per year, but the latest grant from the Swedish Energy Agency will accelerate its expansion efforts. In addition to scaling up production, the roadmap for the grant includes developing a sustainable European value chain, strengthening intellectual property protection, and expanding its workforce in Sweden.

Enerpoly’s battery technology has the potential to revolutionise energy storage solutions, directly addressing the climate change crisis. If successful, the forthcoming factory will mark a significant milestone in the realisation of renewable energy technologies and a more sustainable future.