Today: Jun 14, 2024 Miami’s hip prop-tech unveils micro market real-estate toolkit

6 months ago
  • Miami-based property tech startup has launched its Minimal Viable Product (MVP), an analytics platform for residential real estate micro-markets.
  • The platform offers a comprehensive data-driven analysis of small real estate segments which provides unprecedented insights into Miami’s micro-neighborhoods., a startup devoted to revolutionizing the real estate analytics landscape, has just announced the launch of its MVP. The platform is a product of 18 years of dedicated assembly of the most accurate subdivision dataset and aims to enhance the landscape of real estate analytics.

Jake Miakota, CEO of, shared that the platform is a response to substandard micro-market analytics in residential real estate. The team has developed a solution specifically tailored not only for Miami’s residents and home shoppers but also as a benchmark for other real estate platforms across the nation.

Unlike other real estate platforms that offer broader and less detailed analyses, provides exhaustive details into Miami’s micro-neighborhoods. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows straightforward navigation and property searches by subdivision name, making it a practical tool for users already familiar with specific Miami districts. plans to further expand its technology and broaden its analytical scope to offer even more comprehensive insights into real estate micro markets. Jake Miakota has high expectations for the product, stating that “ is more than a platform; it’s a transformative force in real estate decision-making.”

The platform’s launch is a significant milestone for the startup, with high hopes of redefining real estate analytics in Miami and ultimately the greater real estate market.

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