Today: Jun 14, 2024

Startups soared as their valuations hiked and spiked!

6 months ago

In 2023, many venture-backed companies experienced a significant reset in valuation, leading to flat rounds, down rounds, layoffs, and closures. However, there were also companies that saw their valuations increase during this time.

Some of the startups that saw their valuations increase include:

  • OpenAI: Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI, raising its valuation by 2,800% to $29 billion
  • Databricks: Raised $5 billion in its September Series I funding, increasing its valuation to $43.2 billion
  • Mistral AI: Raised Series A funding of $414 million, increasing its valuation by 672% to $2 billion

Additionally, there were other sectors besides artificial intelligence (AI) that saw increased valuations. Companies in sectors such as mobile payments, cybersecurity, drones, solar energy, and car lending marketplace all raised rounds above the billion-dollar mark.

On the other hand, there were also companies that experienced down rounds in 2023. Some notable examples include:

  • Stripe: Raised funding at a $50 billion valuation, down 47% from its previous valuation of $95 billion
  • Shein: Privately filed to go public with a valuation of $66 billion, down 34% from its previous valuation of $100 billion
  • Indigo: Valuation fell 94% from $3.5 billion to $200 million
  • Cybereason: Valuation fell almost 90% from $3.2 billion to $400 million

The article also mentions a down round by Klarna in mid-2022, which led to an 85% drop in valuation. Despite this, Klarna’s business fundamentals were reported to be better than ever, and investors were encouraged to pay attention to the company in the future.

Overall, 2023 was marked by a mix of valuation increases and decreases for venture-backed startups. The AI sector saw significant growth, but other sectors also experienced increased valuations. On the other hand, some companies faced down rounds that affected their valuations.