Today: Jun 14, 2024

Startups get festive with extra PTO and multi-company shindigs amidst cash crunch.

6 months ago

Startups are finding creative ways to celebrate the holidays as they face tough conditions in the industry. Some are scaling back on holiday parties, while others are forgoing them altogether. Instead, startups are offering extra time off, planning work retreats, or attending industry events as a way to celebrate the season. For example, Bloomberg Beta recently held the ninth edition of Startup Festivus, where small startups without enough cash to throw their own parties can come together and celebrate. Other startups are organizing quarterly or year-end in-person meetings that combine work and play. Some startups, such as Sunnyside, are opting for wellness-focused company retreats instead of traditional holiday parties. Others, like Heali AI, are giving employees extra time off for the holiday season. Education technology company Outschool even chose to give employees a pickleball lesson instead of a holiday party. These creative celebrations not only help startups save money but also foster a sense of community and connection among employees.