Today: Jun 14, 2024

Startup’s electrifying plan: Creating hundreds of US jobs with innovative battery plant!

6 months ago

Nanoramic Laboratories, a Massachusetts-based electric vehicle battery startup, has chosen Bridgeport, Connecticut as the location for its first major factory. The company, which has received funding from General Motors and the US Department of Energy, plans to develop lithium iron phosphate electrode technology that could enable batteries to charge faster and have longer ranges. Nanoramic also aims to create a battery that can be made without cobalt, which is expensive and environmentally destructive to mine.

The establishment of the factory in Bridgeport could boost the city’s reputation as a clean energy production hub. The city already has a relationship with another EV battery startup, Cadenza Innovation. The project could create 200 or more jobs and will involve collaboration with the University of Bridgeport.