Today: Jun 14, 2024

Spanish Startup’s AI Satellite Skyrockets to Space, 2025 Blast-off.

6 months ago

Spanish satellite manufacturing startup, EMXYS, plans to launch an AI-equipped satellite, named “EdgeAISat”, into space in 2025. The satellite is designed to capture and quickly analyze events happening on Earth, thereby improving the process of image processing using AI algorithms.

  • The AI onboard the EdgeAISat satellite will sort through the huge volume of images captured, selecting the most relevant atmospheric and planetary information to send back to Earth.
  • This system will save time spent processing data on Earth and detect meteorological, anthropological, and natural events almost instantly.
  • The startup, based in Elche, is a collaboration between the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • EdgeAISat is an extension of EMXYS’s ODALISS project, dedicated to taking various technologies to orbit. EMXYS, which specializes in high-performance electronic systems for space application, participated in its first space mission in 2007.
  • EMXYS has since been part of three more space missions and plans two more for 2024.

EMXYS’s technology manager, Francisco García de Quirós, stated that the AI-infused satellite would present dual benefits: it will streamline the time required to process data gathered on mission control back on Earth and enable the detection of events such as forest fires, volcanic activities, or illegal dumping before a human analyst could.

As satellite technology progresses, the integration of artificial intelligence serves to improve the efficiency and speed of data collection and analysis. This initiative by EMXYS clearly showcases how AI can be used to further scientific exploration, disaster management, and environmental monitoring.