Today: Jul 22, 2024

Sky’s the limit: Drone pilot saves pets with thermal tech.

5 months ago

Eye in the Sky: Drone Pilot Rescues Missing Pets


  • Drone pilot in New York uses thermal technology to find missing pets
  • Mike Coyne has rescued about 40 dogs in the last year

A drone pilot from New York, Mike Coyne, is utilizing thermal drone technology to assist families in the tri-state area locate their missing pets. The drone, which costs nearly $8,000, is able to pick up body heat, making it easier to spot animals in the woods or on the streets. Coyne, who volunteers with the nonprofit Connecticut Dog Gone Recovery, has successfully rescued about 40 dogs in the past year, including Dexter from Westport and Chief the greyhound from Ridgefield. Despite being allergic to dogs in his youth, Coyne now dedicates his time to helping reunite pets with their owners. While he has primarily focused on dogs, Coyne mentioned that he could use the drone to find missing cats as well, although it would be more challenging due to their tendency to hide under things.

It is important to vet any drone pilot before enlisting their help in a pet search, ensuring they have experience and expertise in locating lost animals. Learn more about using drone technology for pet rescue by visiting Coyne’s website.