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4 months ago

TechCrunch is a leading digital platform under the Yahoo family of brands that also includes Yahoo, AOL, and Yahoo Advertising. With the utilization of Cookies and similar technologies such as web storage, TechCrunch and its partner platforms store and retrieve pertinent user data from devices to enhance user experience and amplify security measures.

Key Points:

  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands.
  • Yahoo family also includes Yahoo, AOL, and Yahoo Advertising.
  • TechCrunch and its partners use Cookies and similar technologies to improve their websites and applications.
  • Use of Cookies allows authentication of users, application of security measures, prevention of spam, and tracking of usage of the sites and apps.
  • TechCrunch and its partners, including 242 part of the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework, may use this information, including IP address, location data, and browsing history to personalize ads and content.
  • User consent and privacy settings can be customized and users are at liberty to accept all, reject all, or manage specific privacy settings.

When a user clicks ‘Accept all’, they provide consent for TechCrunch and its partners to use their personal data for purposes such as ad and content personalization, measurement of ad effectiveness, and for the development and improvement of their products and services. On the contrary, by clicking ‘Reject all’, a user can deny TechCrunch and its partners from using their Cookies and personal data for additional purposes.

Users also have the flexibility to manage their privacy settings by customizing their choices through the ‘Manage privacy settings’ function. Modifications to these choices can be made at any point in time via the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ on their sites and apps. More on the privacy policy and cookie policy can be found on the respective websites.

The use of Cookies by TechCrunch and its associated brands ensures that users can have a secure, personalized, and enhanced experience on their platforms. The flexibility to manage privacy settings underscores their commitment to user privacy and data protection.