Today: Apr 16, 2024

Seattle wellness startup by Army vet supports new moms after Amazon.

3 months ago

In Seattle, a wellness startup called Yuzi has been launched by Amazon leader Stephiney Foley to support new moms and families during the challenging days that follow childbirth. The startup is preparing to release its first product, a post-delivery retreat where mothers will receive meals and support, an app to coordinate resources during and after the retreat, and access to specialists in taking care of new babies. The ultimate goal is to create a platform that provides reliable information on the postpartum experience and creates a community for new parents. The startup is named after the Chinese practice “zuo yuezi” that provides a period of rest and bonding between mother and baby. Yuzi will also offer postpartum retreat programs around the US, aiming to provide more resources to families of newborns. The company received support from the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) and the Dartmouth consumer incubator.