Today: Apr 17, 2024

Seaqua’s New Investment Revolutionizes Fisheries and Aquaculture with Blue-tech Innovation!

4 months ago

Blue-tech startup Seaqua has secured a six-figure investment from Middle Eastern investors to transform the fisheries and aquaculture industry in Bangladesh. The exact figure and investor details have not been disclosed. Seaqua aims to minimize wastage and enhance efficiency with its innovative value chain, leveraging cutting-edge technology to eliminate traditional inefficiencies. The fisheries sector contributes 3.61% to Bangladesh’s GDP, with a $600 million export market, and Seaqua plans to take advantage of this lucrative market. The company’s approach aligns with the projected growth of the global seafood market to $730 billion by 2030. Seaqua integrates real-time catch records into its supply chain, providing retailers with accurate and up-to-date information and ensuring a constant flow of high-quality products with traceability. The company plans to use the investment to revolutionize the industry environmentally and economically, adopting blockchain technology for traceability and offering a comprehensive solution to industry challenges.