Today: Apr 17, 2024

Savvy Wealth: Elevating Advisor Platform with Exclusive Investment Program – FinTech Futures

3 months ago

Savvy Wealth has launched its new proprietary investment management program, Savvy Wealth Investment Management (SWIM), as an addition to its digital platform for financial advisors. SWIM allows advisors to build personalized investment portfolios for their high-net-worth clients and offers benefits such as efficient portfolio management, access to proprietary models, and comprehensive portfolio solutions. The program aims to streamline advisors’ workflow and enhance the client experience by providing sophisticated investment tools and internal portfolio management support.

With SWIM, advisors can create flexible portfolios tailored to each client’s financial goals and requirements. The program is managed by Savvy’s investment team, which oversees asset allocation, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and cash management. It also offers advisors access to low-cost models developed by Savvy’s Investment Committee and allows diversification in illiquid securities, private investments, custom indexes, separately managed accounts, and held away retirement accounts.

Savvy Wealth’s platform aims to revolutionize the way advisors manage and scale their businesses by providing an all-in-one technology solution. The platform offers back-office, operations, marketing, and compliance support teams, allowing advisors to focus on serving clients and engaging with prospects. With the launch of SWIM, Savvy aims to provide a tech-forward experience customized to the specific needs of high-net-worth families and individuals.

Savvy plans to continue building upon SWIM by adding customizations around factor tilts and tax-efficiency and supporting value, growth, and dividend-focused strategies, as well as proprietary active strategies. The company also plans to expand its advisor headcount by recruiting experienced advisors from top firms who are looking to scale their business using Savvy Wealth’s platform.