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SAP Council Shapes Future, Powered by Startup Collaboration.

7 months ago

The SAP Industry Advisory Council in 2023 brought together the brilliance of startups and the vast experience of SAP customers. This dynamic confluence has not only amplified the impact of cutting-edge solutions across various industries but also marked a significant shift in how technological advancements are integrated into the business fabric.

A Convergence of Innovation and Sustainability

In the bustling hub of New York City, SAP’s Fashion Industry Customer Advisory Council convened to delve into the latest industry challenges and innovations, with a keen focus on sustainability, supply chain, and marketing. This gathering also saw over two dozen of SAP’s strategic customers engaging in an unprecedented role-play workshop.

The Search for the Next Big Startup

In Istanbul, the narrative continued with another role-play workshop featuring startups Mention Me, .arinaee, and YZR. These burgeoning companies were tasked with convincing attendees of their potential as leading candidates for a pilot project with a hypothetical fashion brand. This exercise not only showcased their innovative capabilities but also underlined the importance of practical, real-world applications of their technologies in the fashion industry.

Consumer Products Council: Embracing AI and Collaborative Innovation

The Consumer Products Industry Customer Advisory Council saw a different set of challenges and opportunities. Here, the spotlight was on artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in transforming consumer products. Startups like Mention Me and ChAI also demonstrated their AI-driven solutions, highlighting the ways AI can cater to the specific needs of the consumer products sector.

Broadening the Horizon of Innovation

Open Innovation in Industrial Manufacturing SAP.iO’s foray into Industrial Manufacturing and Aerospace & Defense councils marked a significant expansion of its influence. The concept of open innovation presented by SAP.iO demonstrated how SAP is building a robust ecosystem of innovative startup partners relevant to these industries. Additionally, this initiative is pivotal in bringing fresh perspectives and solutions to the traditionally conservative fields of industrial manufacturing and aerospace & defense.

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The SAP Industry Advisory Council in 2023 has been a monumental platform in bringing about a synergy between the traditional corporate world and the dynamic startup ecosystem. This union is not just about embracing new technologies but also about redefining how industries perceive and integrate innovation into their core strategies.

The Council’s initiatives in various sectors, from fashion and consumer products to industrial manufacturing and aerospace & defense, have set the stage for a more interconnected and innovative future.