Today: Apr 23, 2024

Safer Greek Life: Startup by College Duo Makes Events Secure

4 months ago

Key Points:

  • Two college students, Steve Draughn and Mark Alink, have created CLIQInvite, a web and mobile application designed to ensure safe and accurate event planning for Greek life organizations.
  • CLIQInvite replaces traditional wristbands with unique, scannable QR codes that can be sent through other apps like Snapchat and GroupMe.
  • The app includes features such as setting limits on invites, tracking attendance, and viewing how many people showed up and were denied at the door.

When Steve Draughn joined his fraternity, he noticed several problems with how the organization managed its events. Wristbands were commonly used to track attendance, but Draughn found them difficult to distribute and easily transferable to uninvited guests. Draughn and his co-founder, Mark Alink, created CLIQInvite to address these issues.

CLIQInvite is a web and mobile application that replaces wristbands with scannable QR codes. The codes can be sent through apps like Snapchat and GroupMe, making it easier for event organizers to manage guest lists. The app includes features like setting limits on invites and tracking attendance, making it useful for exclusive events like rush.

Unlike other event planning apps, CLIQInvite does not require guests to download the app. This flexibility allows the app to potentially enter other markets, such as clubs or sporting events. Additionally, CLIQInvite includes a feature for guests to upload and verify their IDs before receiving a ticket, simplifying event management for clubs and sports arenas.

Draughn’s goal with CLIQInvite is to improve safety and reduce incidents within Greek life organizations. He hopes the app can help reduce the negative stigma associated with fraternities and promote their original goals of leadership and service.