Today: Jun 14, 2024

Robotic tech revolutionizes Monroe: Hip & knee replacement’s future

4 months ago

ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital in Monroe, Michigan, is using robotic technology for orthopaedic surgeries, including hip and knee replacements. The hospital is one of only two ProMedica facilities in the area offering this technology. The robotic device allows for more precise cuts and helps surgeons create individualized surgery plans. It requires less soft tissue manipulation compared to traditional surgery. The device, which consists of a robotic arm and a receiver platform, has been on the market for four years and offers improved precision and durability. Recovery time and surgery duration are similar to traditional surgery. It is still uncertain whether artificial joints placed with robot assistance last longer. The hospital’s orthopaedic department has two surgeons, with most patients being older adults. The hospital is drawing patients from all over the region.