Today: Jul 20, 2024

Rise and Shine: Top VCs predict 2024’s 25 hottest healthcare startups.

7 months ago

Key points:

  • Top healthcare VCs list 25 startups they believe will surge in value in 2024, covering areas such as AI, telehealth, mental health and value-based care alternatives.
  • Investors highlighted one they had invested in and one where they have no financial ties, including Aetion, Artisight, Brightline, Caraway, CareBridge, Cleerly, Cohere Health and Conceivable Life Sciences.

Business Insider asked top healthcare venture capitalists to predict the startups most likely to excel in 2024. The investors each named a startup they had invested in and one they had no financial involvement with. Lynne Chou O’Keefe, founder and managing partner of Define Ventures, picked Aetion, a company that provides pharmaceutical firms, payers, and regulators with crucial real-world data. She highlighted the firm’s potential amidst upcoming expensive drugs and the necessity for new payment methods.

Artisight was selected by Morgan Cheatham, a vice president at Bessemer Venture Partners’ New York office. The startup uses computer vision to monitor and collect data from hospital operations, freeing up nurses’ time. Artisight’s tech alerts staff to potential issues such as the high risk of a patient falling. The automated system is seen as a potential solution for hospitals facing clinician shortages.

A Brightline video visit was selected by AG Breitenstein, a partner at Define Ventures. Brightline offers behavioral healthcare, virtual coaching and therapy for children in all 50 states. The startup’s focus on mental health for younger people with a consumer-oriented feel was said to be unique within the sector.

Caraway was picked by Alyssa Jaffee, an investor and partner at 7wireVentures; and Chrissy Farr, an investor and a principal at OMERS Ventures. The telehealth service, tailored to Gen Z patients’ mental, physical, and reproductive health, was launched in 2022 and is now available in 10 states.

The investors also highlighted startups such as CareBridge, which coordinates care for patients with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities; Cleerly, which uses AI for early detection of cardiovascular risks; and Cohere Health, which aims to make prior authorizations more accurate and efficient.

Other companies that were picked include Conceivable Life Sciences, which utilizes robotics and computer vision to automate IVF procedures; ConcertAI, which uses AI for critical improvements in cancer care; and Cortica, which uses a value-based model to provide autism care.