Today: Apr 16, 2024

Ripple CTO: OpenSea scam preying on NFT bidders now revealed

3 months ago

Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, has exposed a new scam targeting users of OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace. The scam involves an email that appears to come from the OpenSea team and informs the recipient of a bid on their listed NFT. The email contains a malicious link disguised as a SurveyMonkey link, which redirects users to a fake OpenSea page designed to steal their credentials. Schwartz highlighted the need for increased vigilance among users and the importance of implementing strong security measures in the rapidly expanding NFT marketplace. This scam is part of a wider trend in the crypto community, where scammers are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to target users. The exposure of this scam by Schwartz serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat of fraudulent schemes in the crypto world and the need for continuous vigilance and industry response.