Today: Apr 23, 2024

Ride the future! Self-driving cars now available in Arizona retirement community.

4 months ago

May Mobility, a driverless vehicle startup, has launched its first fully driverless ride service in an Arizona retirement community. The Toyota-backed company is offering human-free transit to retirees in Sun City, Arizona, allowing them to request a driverless Toyota Sienna minivan through the Via app. May Mobility aims to gather feedback from the Early Rider test group to further develop its driverless technology for older communities. The driverless rides are currently free and available on Sun City’s public roads on weekday afternoons. May Mobility’s vehicles are monitored by a team of remote operators as they move. The company plans to significantly expand its driverless services beyond the test group. May Mobility has been able to progress to the testing phase by partnering with retirement communities, cities, and transit agencies. Its competitors, including Waymo and Cruise, have faced challenges in gaining approval and navigating issues such as safety concerns. May Mobility aims to provide microtransit solutions to cities and work with them to solve transportation problems.