Today: Jun 14, 2024

Revive your ride! Convert your classic car with Tesla’s recycled power.

6 months ago

Arc Motor Company, a green tech startup based in Ontario, is offering to convert classic cars into electric vehicles (EVs) using scrapped Tesla batteries. The startup, founded by Sloane Paul, aims to provide better performance while contributing to a net-zero emissions future. The company recently completed its first EV conversion of a 1974 Ford Bronco using Tesla batteries. The converted Bronco has two electric motors, doubling the horsepower and torque of the original gas-powered version. Most of the powertrain is sourced from salvaged Tesla Model S vehicles. The battery pack, containing 15 of the 16 battery modules from the Model S, provides a range of approximately 320 km. The conversion process takes 2-3 months, with an additional 4-8 weeks for shipping and parts. Arc Motor Company plans to offer conversions for other classic cars in the future, with prices starting at $75,000.