Today: Jul 22, 2024

Pune Inc: Spicing up cold cuts with Indian flair!

7 months ago

Key Points:

  • Pune-based startup The Daily Cut, founded by chef Niket Drego, is creating naturally-handcrafted cold cuts with Indian flavors.
  • The startup has experienced significant growth, receiving orders from restaurants in Pune and Mumbai.

Pune-based startup The Daily Cut is bringing Indian flavors to the world of charcuterie, a culinary art that traditionally focuses on French and German meats. The startup, founded by chef Niket Drego, has been creating naturally-handcrafted cold cuts since 2021.

The Indian market for processed meat is dominated by sausages, salamis, and frozen cold cuts, but Drego is trying to make a dent in this segment with his line of products. The Daily Cut offers honest cold cuts made with natural ingredients and locally produced meat, unlike many store-bought or online options that are filled with soy, preservatives, and artificial additives.

Drego wants to highlight Indian flavors in his products and is currently working on a line of Indian charcuterie that incorporates spices and chillies. In 2024, he plans to launch a line called “Pepperoni but Desi,” which will use Indian chillies instead of imported smoked paprika.

One of the challenges Drego faces is the lack of awareness about charcuterie in India. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept and the artisanal nature of the products. However, The Daily Cut has found success by supplying custom-made, fresh cold cuts to high-end restaurants in Pune. Drego believes that educating consumers about the various types of salamis and sausages will contribute to the growth of his business.

The quality of the meat used is another crucial aspect for The Daily Cut. Drego ensures that only Grade A meat from prime cuts is used, and the company rejects almost 30% of the meat it receives. The team uses a meat pH meter to check the quality of the slaughter and relies on natural processes, such as curing with miso made from Koji rice and chickpeas, instead of using chemicals.

Despite offers from venture capitalists, Drego plans to continue growing his business organically and believes in the potential for the Indian market to appreciate and value high-quality, artisanal products. He wants to focus on creating awareness about charcuterie and expanding his range of Indian-flavored cold cuts.