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6 months ago

TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, operates multiple sites and apps, including Yahoo, AOL, and Yahoo Advertising services. These platforms use cookies and similar technologies, such as web storage, for a variety of purposes, with user consent being paramount.

  • Provision of sites and apps: Cookies and similar tech tools are used to provide users with access to Yahoo’s family of brands’ websites and applications.
  • User authentication and Spam prevention: These tools help authenticate users, enforce security measures and prevent spam or abuse on the platforms.
  • Personalised ads and content: With the user’s consent, personal data like IP address, location, and browsing/search data, in combination with cookies, are utilized to display personalized ads and content according to interest profiles.
  • Product Development: User data and cookies aid the measurement of personalized ad effectiveness and content, which in turn helps in developing and improving products and services.

It’s important to note that user consent is essential and can be controlled or altered at any time. Users have three choices – ‘Accept all’, ‘Reject all’ or ‘Manage privacy settings’. ‘Accept all’ gives permission for cookies and personal data to be used for all the defined purposes, while ‘Reject all’ denies any usage of cookies and personal data. The ‘Manage privacy settings’ choice allows users to tailor their preferences according to their comfort level.

Updates, reviews, and changes to these choices can be made through the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links available on the sites and apps of the Yahoo family of brands. Yahoo has a detailed privacy policy and cookie policy which further elaborates on how user data is handled. This user-oriented approach to data management provides transparency and control, upholding user privacy rights.