Today: Jul 20, 2024

OurSky soars high with $9.5M funding for space tracking!

7 months ago

OurSky, a startup that recently raised $9.5 million, has seen strong demand for its space data platform. The platform, unveiled in early December, aims to simplify tracking of objects in space and has already attracted hundreds of customers. OurSky collects data through a global telescope network and provides this data to space companies, satellite operators, government agencies, insurance companies, and scientific and research organizations.

The company’s core network consists of 30 telescopes at 10 global sites, and it also pulls in data from amateur astronomers and astrophotography suites. By making access to space data more affordable and convenient, OurSky aims to reduce the cost of developing space-related products and services. The company’s platform serves as an infrastructure layer for space businesses, eliminating the friction involved in bringing space ideas to practical applications.

Applications for OurSky’s data include space domain awareness and space debris tracking. The founders, Daniel Roelker and Alex Hawkinson, believe that by opening up access to data and a platform, novel applications will be developed that were previously unforeseen.