Today: Jun 14, 2024

Orado’s on-demand massage service, a Ghanaian startup’s latest sensation.

6 months ago
  • Ghana-based start-up Orado has launched a platform offering on-demand, on-site massages for corporate professionals.
  • The service aims to increase productivity by reducing stress and improving chronic pain issues.
  • Orado is self-funded and generates revenue via subscriptions.
  • The start-up partners with licensed massage therapists and service providers, and also operates its own chain of massage studios.

Orado, a start-up based in Ghana, has launched a unique service for corporate professionals seeking on-site and on-demand massages. The aim of this innovative platform is to increase workplace productivity by tackling common issues such as stress and chronic pain.

Orado was founded in June and has since focused on establishing partnerships with licensed massage therapists and service providers who offer on-site massages for clients. The start-up also manages its own series of massage studios for customers who prefer walk-in services. CEO Bernice Okyere Baidoo explains that the company brings the necessary equipment directly to offices to provide their services.

“We bring all our equipment to your office, and all you need to do is sit in our chair and enjoy your massage. After just 10 or 20 minutes, you and your employees will feel more relaxed and refreshed, ready to continue with your day,” Baidoo said. “Regular massage is proven to reduce stress, improve productivity, and even improve problems with chronic pain. But, if you’re working full-time, you may not have the time or the budget to get one on a regular basis. That’s where we come in.”

Baidoo emphasized the convenience and accessibility their services offer to busy professionals through a customised, office-friendly massage therapy program. The objective of the service is to provide traditional massages in a manner that saves time, money, and reduces physical strain.

Being self-funded, Orado earns its revenues through subscriptions. Its uptake has shown steady increase as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of massage therapy. The service has also gained popularity among therapists, providing opportunities for them to market their services in new ways.