Today: Jun 14, 2024

No regrets: Left top airport job for tech startup’s thrilling ride.

6 months ago

Halynne Shi, a product manager at Spotify, recently shared her experience of leaving her job at Singapore’s Changi Airport Group to join the tech industry. After graduating college with a major in international relations, Shi pursued a career in international business instead of diplomacy. She started her career at Changi Airport Group, where she went through three rotations in business development, passenger development, and product operations. While she enjoyed her time at Changi Airport, Shi decided to transition into the tech industry to seek new challenges.

Shi left Changi Airport Group to join Shopback, a shopping and rewards platform, as a product manager. Despite not having any formal technical training, she found that her experiences in business development, marketing, and operations were transferable skills. Although the transition into the tech industry was challenging, Shi learned how to thrive by leveraging her unique set of experiences.

Shi also highlighted the differences between working at Changi Airport and an e-commerce company. Changi Airport operates in a highly regulated aviation industry, while the e-commerce industry faces fewer regulations and moves at a faster pace. She appreciated having more autonomy and being closer to key decision-makers in the tech industry.

Overall, Shi had no regrets about starting her career at Changi Airport and believes that the structured learning she gained from working at a large-scale organization helped shape her into the product manager she is today.