Today: Jul 23, 2024

Nadeera: Revolutionizing recycling, the Lebanese Startup in the Middle East.

7 months ago

Nadeera is a Lebanese startup that is using digital solutions to address the recycling and waste management problem in the Middle East. Founded in 2020, the startup works with communities in Lebanon, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to provide information on recycling and encourage behavior change. The startup aims to reduce waste in the MENA region, where an estimated 90% to 95% of municipal waste goes to landfills.

To promote recycling and green habits, Nadeera has developed a digital app that allows users to learn more about recycling and determine if items are recyclable through an AI feature. The startup also provides smart bins with access control to prevent contamination of recyclables. They trace waste bags through QR codes to evaluate user sorting quality and offer cashbacks as incentives for good recycling ratings.

Nadeera works with leading companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo, and Talabat to expand its presence in the UAE and aims to reach 500 communities by 2024, including Egypt and South Africa. As a social enterprise, Nadeera combines profitability with making a social impact. It has raised $1 million to date and is currently amid a $4 million seed round to further expand across the region.

While recycling measures may not be enforced in some countries, Nadeera uses technology effectively to influence people’s behavior and promote better recycling practices. The startup believes that behavioral change is crucial in achieving a sustainable future. Sustainability has gained traction in the region, with countries like the UAE adopting policies to transition to a circular economy.