Today: Apr 17, 2024

Moonwalk: Where Feng Zhang and Grail founder shape gene-editing’s future.

3 months ago


  • A new startup called Moonwalk Therapeutics, co-founded by CRISPR innovator Feng Zhang, has raised $57 million to develop a defanged form of gene editing that doesn’t cut the DNA strand.
  • Moonwalk plans to use this funding to develop treatments for various diseases, such as chronic and aging-related conditions, using epigenetic editing techniques.

A new startup called Moonwalk Therapeutics has been launched with $57 million in funding from investors including Alpha Wave Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Future Ventures, Khosla Ventures, GV, and YK Bioventures. The co-founder of this startup company is Feng Zhang, who is famous for his role in developing CRISPR gene editing technology.

Unlike traditional gene editing techniques that make permanent changes to the DNA strand, Moonwalk Therapeutics plans to focus on altering the activity of genes by targeting chemical changes. Specifically, the company will target the surrounding chemicals that influence how genes act, using techniques such as methylation, which turns genes on, or demethylation, which turns genes off.

This approach, known as epigenetic editing, has the potential to treat a variety of diseases, including chronic and aging-related conditions.

The funding will be used to advance Moonwalk Therapeutics’ research and development efforts and bring potential treatments to clinical trials. The company aims to create therapies that can address unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes.

Feng Zhang, who is also a former executive at Grail and Illumina, brings his expertise in gene editing and genomics to Moonwalk Therapeutics as the co-founder. The startup will leverage Zhang’s knowledge and experience in the field to drive innovation and develop new approaches to gene editing.

Moonwalk Therapeutics is just one example of the growing interest and investment in gene editing technology and its potential in healthcare. The ability to manipulate and alter genes has numerous applications, from treating genetic diseases to developing personalized medicine.

In conclusion, Moonwalk Therapeutics, co-founded by Feng Zhang, has raised significant funding to develop a defanged form of gene editing that focuses on altering the activity of genes through chemical changes. This approach, known as epigenetic editing, has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and address a variety of diseases. With Zhang’s expertise and experience, Moonwalk Therapeutics aims to create innovative gene editing treatments and improve patient outcomes.