Today: Jul 22, 2024

Lost & found: Boise startup maps outdoor gear with QR codes.

7 months ago

Karmik Outdoors, a startup based in Boise, Idaho, has developed a technology using QR codes to track and retrieve lost outdoor gear. The company sells QR code decals that can be placed on a variety of outdoor and recreational gear. When the gear is lost and someone finds it, they can scan the QR code and the owner will be notified and provided with the finder’s contact information. Karmik Outdoors has a reward program for finders who use the QR code, and the decals are sold on their website as well as at stores in the Treasure Valley.

Key points:

  • Karmik Outdoors sells QR code decals to help outdoor enthusiasts find lost gear
  • The decals are 100% waterproof, chemical proof, UV and scratch-resistant
  • The company has an incentive program for finders who use the QR code
  • Karmik Outdoors has also launched a rental platform called for outdoor rental shops
  • The QR code decals are sold on the company’s website and at stores in the Treasure Valley