Today: Apr 23, 2024
4 months ago

Portugal is becoming known as a hotspot for startups, with Lisbon serving as the country’s main hub. The Lisbon Unicorn Factory, a startup accelerator, was launched by Lisbon mayor Carlos Moedas in October 2022. The tech hub plans to enroll 20 scale-ups every year into an eight-month acceleration program. Portugal has the most startups per capita in Europe, with over 2,000 registered startups. Initiatives like Startup Portugal and corporate-startups matchmaking programs attract international talent and provide funding opportunities.

One of the startups in Lisbon is Bairro, a delivery firm that allows brands, producers, and retailers to connect directly with their customers by cutting out the middlemen. Bairro has already raised €5.4 million from seed investors and aims to handle the entire order fulfillment process on behalf of brands, making it cheaper and faster than other solutions in the market.

Splink is another Lisbon-based startup that offers AR experiences for football fans. Its product, MyJersey, is a miniature replica of Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey that allows fans to access AR features through their mobile phones, such as touring stadia and dressing rooms.

Musiversal is a music production platform that gives creators unlimited access to professional studio musicians and live remote collaboration. The startup has raised $4.8 million from investors and offers rates that are ten times cheaper than standard pay-per-gig fees.

Pleez is a food-tech startup that initially focused on developing a dine-in smart menu but pivoted during the pandemic to offer a platform that aggregates delivery data and uses machine learning to improve the management of restaurants. provides smart lockers directly to logistics and retail companies, allowing them to deliver parcels in a cheaper and more efficient way. The startup has placed over a thousand smart lockers throughout Europe.

C-mo Medical Solutions has developed a wearable patch that helps sufferers of chronic cough track their cough patterns and triggers. The startup has raised €4.8 million in a seed investment round.

LUGGit is a luggage pickup, storage, and delivery service that aims to deliver an end-to-end luggage-free travel experience. The startup operates in Portugal and Spain and works with hospitality companies.

Relive is a brokerage platform that helps solo estate agents and boutique agencies manage their business. The startup provides access to marketing leads, financial services, and personalized content.

AssetFloow uses sales data and digitized shop floor plans to create a store’s digital twin, generating heat maps and shopper’s paths. The startup provides recommendations about product placements and promotional campaigns.

Coverflex is an HRtech startup that provides companies with an employee compensation platform that allows HR managers to design bespoke compensation packages and other benefits.