Today: Jul 22, 2024

Lincoln County Commissioners talk employee manual and courtroom tech.

5 months ago


  • Lincoln County Commissioners discussed courtroom technology upgrades and a new employee manual.
  • The courtroom technology project aims to replace old equipment with more flexible options like Zoom.

The Lincoln County Commissioners met to discuss important topics, including upgrades to courtroom technology and revisions to the employee manual. The focus of the meeting was on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of courtrooms by replacing outdated equipment with more modern and flexible options compatible with platforms like Zoom. The network specialist emphasized the benefits of this project for county courtrooms.

Additionally, the commissioners reviewed a new proposed Lincoln County Employee manual that included adding Juneteenth as an official holiday for employees. District representatives discussed how this addition would align the county with the state’s designated holidays. These discussions reflect the ongoing efforts to enhance operations and employee benefits within Lincoln County.